Flitzer Meteor J series

By Glenn Smith

My first project was to build the Flitzer Laird LC-1W, after extenstive design and testing the model flown in Xplane did not live upto expectation showing some nasty habits.  As most Flitzer builders know, Lynn has many models designed and based off the first Z-1. Of course there was many people before me awaiting plans updates and supplemetary drawings. Our relationship has evolved over many months and during this time I was fortunate to be involved with the evolution of a few potential prototype models,Katsu being one. Lynn Williams was designing the new Meteor J series model, evolution of the Z-21 to a more stream line Aerobatic fighter type, to which I was involved with also. After 6-8 months the J6A (Aerovee) (J6R) Radial was born.The image below is how I percevied my fighter to look adding my own style to the machine. My desire for the LC-1W will not materialise due to the findings in Xplane testing at the scale I desired 90%. My attention is now the  J6 A/R . My involvement in other designs and models has lead me to a deeper understanding of the Flitzer marquee.  The J6R pictured is my personal vision of the ship.