LC-1W Flitzer ~ Laird Racer

Update from 2014.
After many years as a concept drawing the LC-1W will be finally drafted. Two are planned, the wooden LC-1W with a span of 17' 6" in the UK and the spectacular LC-2W with a steel tube fuselage and empennage, spanning 19' for the 9 cylinder R3600-150 hp radial engine will be built by myself in Australia. This one is only a foot or so shorter in span than the original Laird Super Solution racer!

The Flitzer-Laird LC-1W is a Timber frame running a Rotec 2800-110 hp Radial engine or the C-90. The Flitzer-Laird LC-2W is a 4130 fuselage and empennage, running the Rotec 3600 150hp Radial engine / Lycoming engine. The round cowling will stay in place disguising the opposed engine style. (2014)

After completed Xplane testing of the larger scale LC-2W, we have found the machine not to be a viable concern. Attention has returned to the LC-1W to be converted to the LC-1S - (Steel) This machine is now underway in my workshop.

More images to follow
Updated 24/8/2016