Flitzer models: Master  Plans Z-21 - 21A

"Standard" Flitzer
6% larger horizontal stab area than Z-1,22" wide cockpit.
Z-21A  Is the ame as Z-21 except it's a 24" wide cockpit.

A popular "field modification" is the use of the round Stummelflitzer vertical stabilizer on the Z-21 / Z-21A. This version of the Z-21 requires two (2) additional plan sheets.

Wing Span: 18'-0"
Wing Area: 97 sq.ft.
Length: 14'-9"
Tare Weight: 480 lbs
Gross Weight: 750 lbs
Engine: 50 to 80 hp (data for 1834 cc VW)
Fuel Capacity: 10.6 USG
Cockpit Width: 22" (24" for Z-21A)
Wing Loading: 7.7 lb/sq.ft.
Power Loading: 12.0 lb/hp (@60hp)

Performance (All data verified by flight test)

Top Speed: 95 mph IAS
Cruise Speed: 86 mph IAS
Stall Speed: 42 mph IAS
Range: 300 miles
Rate of Climb: 720 ft/min (@ 1500 ft AMSL - STP)
Take Off Distance: 400 ft
Take Off over 50' Obstacle: 900 ft
Landing Distance: 400 ft
Service Ceiling: 12,000+ ft.