Builders Corner:

By Mark Crawford Z-21A

I began my Flitzer aircraft on the 15th of February, 2005. Whilst I wasn't in a race to get it finished, once I start something I usually like to really get 'into it'. After two years and 1600 hours, my Flitzer was finished in 2007.I cut and dressed all of the wood myself from Douglas Fir which is available locally. It is an approved substitute for Spruce and is stronger, but is a tad heavier. Basically, I decided to just post relevant photos periodically rather than try to use this as an online work log. I had planned a different colour scheme originally, but Polyfiber didn't do the colour I wanted to use and I wasn't game to go with an 'unapproved' colour for my first homebuilt. I know lots of people have used auto paint but it would be my luck that it would be my plane that starts to peel and crack. The colour I went for was similar to Mike Woods Flitzer and the insignia is an adaptation (not a copy) of a personal crest of Ltn. Janzen's of Jasta 6. As it is supposed to be a 1920's german aircraft, it seemed fitting that a Great War fighter pilot might have one and keep his old personal insignia on it for old times sake.

   VH-SFF First flight 5th of May 2007 in the able hands of Bob Grimstead,  Z-21A Website